Vaya Thorn

Morelli Mafia Book Series by Vaya Thorn is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

It is said your fate is sealed at infancy, love, happiness, and sorrow. Asimina Alexiou is impulsive, brave, vibrant, and Independent. She finds herself with unwanted attention. She sought help from her cousin, a man that is nothing less than a brother. However, Petro has secrets of his own that will land Asimina in the hands of one Capo Dei Capi Raffaele Dante Morelli. Raffaele is the crime boss of the biggest mafia family in the States and Europe. His close, inner cycle of men is his underboss and capos running extensive drug and gun operations throughout multiple sectors. Raffaele’s training has prepared him well for a life of crime. However, none of that training will be of any use to him when dealing with one Asimina Alexiou.

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