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VH Nicolson’s debut novel, “Hunting Eden,” is a standalone romantic comedy that showcases her passion for crafting love stories with happily-ever-afters. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Scottish coastline, this contemporary romance tells the tale of two people from very different worlds who find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other.

The story is narrated from the perspective of the female protagonist, who is dealing with a lot of emotional baggage from her past. She’s a broken, lost, and wounded soul who’s been hurt so many times that she’s built walls around her heart to protect herself. Enter Hunter King, a pro-golfer with a larger-than-life personality, who’s used to getting what he wants. When he sets his sights on our heroine, he’s determined to make her his.

What follows is a classic romance filled with laughter, heartache, and plenty of steamy encounters. The chemistry between Hunter and our heroine is palpable from the start, and Nicolson does an excellent job of building tension and keeping the reader invested in their relationship.

One of the things that set “Hunting Eden” apart from other romances is Nicolson’s deft use of humor. She has a real talent for writing witty banter and laugh-out-loud moments that keep the story light and enjoyable. However, this doesn’t mean that the book is lacking in emotional depth. Nicolson also tackles some serious issues related to mental health, trauma, and the power of love to heal.

“Hunting Eden” is a highly enjoyable romance that showcases VH Nicolson’s talent for crafting engaging characters and compelling stories. Fans of contemporary romance will find much to love in this book, and I, for one, can’t wait to see what Nicolson comes up with next. Go grab your copy of Hunting Eden.

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