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Melanie Harlow’s latest release, “Runaway Love,” is a charming and heartwarming small-town romance that will leave you swooning and smiling long after you’ve turned the last page. The book follows the story of a single dad who hires a stranded runaway bride as a nanny for his two kids over the summer. The catch? She has no references, no skills, and no experience. What could possibly go wrong?

Despite his reservations, our hero is quickly won over by Veronica Sutton’s charm and wit. She’s a city girl with an outspoken personality and a mouth made for trouble. She’s also drop-dead gorgeous with baby-blue eyes and endless legs that turn heads wherever she goes. Before long, she has his kids, his family, and the entire town of Cherry Tree Harbor eating out of her hand.

As the summer wears on, our hero finds himself falling for Veronica, but he knows that their time together is limited. She’ll be gone at the end of the summer, and he’ll be left to pick up the pieces of his heart. But the more he tries to keep his distance, the more she draws him in. Soon, he was addicted to the sound of her laugh, the scent of her skin, and the feel of her body wrapped around his.

“Runaway Love” is a classic small-town romance with all the elements that make this genre so beloved among readers. There’s the charming small town with its quirky inhabitants, the ruggedly handsome hero with a heart of gold, and the feisty heroine who turns his world upside down. But Harlow adds her own unique twist to the genre by weaving in themes of family, second chances, and the healing power of love.

“Runaway Love” is a delightful and entertaining read that is sure to appeal to fans of contemporary romance. Harlow’s writing is engaging, the pacing is spot-on, and the chemistry between our hero and heroine is electric. Grab a copy of Runaway Love it will leave you feeling happy, hopeful, and ready to fall in love all over again.

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