Nikki A Lamers

Nikki A Lamers

Nikki A Lamers resides in Long Island, NY with her husband and two children. She grew up in Wisconsin, similar to where The Home Duet takes place. She has always had a passion for writing and creating her own stories, especially Romance. When she’s not writing or enjoying reading someone else’s book, she’s taking advantage of her free time to have fun spending time with her family and friends.

Bree spends the summer of her dreams on a lake in Maine when she meets a gorgeous, active and playful Christian. What will happen at the end of the summer when Christian leaves for college and Bree returns home for one more year of high school to find her world has turned completely upside down? Will unforeseen circumstances keep them apart or will they find their way back to each other?
Twenty-one year old Blake struggles to move on from the love he’s held onto for his best friend now that she’s happy with someone else. Blake tries to find a balance between doing what’s right, finding his own path and his intense need to always protect the people he loves. When he believes he’s finally ready to move on, the past and issues of trust stand in his way. Has he finally found the girl he’s been looking for in Elizabeth? Is someone willing to stand by him for so much more than friendship? Or do issues from her past haunt her too much for her to put her trust in Blake?
Outgoing and happy on the outside, Sara attempts to find her own way. When she started college she thought she finally freed herself from the nightmares of her family and her past, only to be pulled back. She believes she’s plain and undeserving of her own happily ever after. Until she meets gorgeous Jason Emory. He makes her laugh, smile and gives her a glimpse of hope.
Jason always felt obligated to follow in his father’s footsteps and live up to his expectations but trying to be someone he’s not pushed him to make mistakes in his past. He moves closer to family to help and start fresh. When he sees Sara for the first time, he knows he’ll do everything he can to protect her. Will he be able to help find her happy ending with him or will their pasts hold them back and become reality?
Theresa Emory moves closer to her family after a life-changing accident. Although she remains confident most of the time, she can’t seem to get sexy bad boy, Jax Stevens to give her a chance. Jax insists Theresa and him are only friends, but staying away from her is so much harder than he ever imagined. With a haunting past that altered his whole future, he doesn’t believe he can be with someone as wonderful as Theresa. Will Theresa’s unrelenting need to get to know Jax bring them closer together or will the truth of his past tear them apart?
Sadie admits that life hasn’t turned out the way she wanted and definitely not the way her parents planned for her, but even after so much loss and so many things she would do differently, she could never regret her miracle, her reason for moving forward every day. Will that always be enough?
Matt Emory finally makes the decision to move close to his family to a place he’s been avoiding for years, not because of them, but because of her. What will happen when their paths cross again? Will this be their second chance at love or heartbreak? Or maybe just their chance for redemption?
Samantha Voss loses herself after the death of her adoptive parents. She leaves college and moves home, craving something familiar, but soon finds change is what she really wants. She searches for her birth parents in hopes of finding out more about where she came from, with faith that it might help her decide who she wants to be. She finds unexpected answers with unending questions and makes a spontaneous decision to move to a small town in Wisconsin in search of more answers.
When Samantha pulls up to her new apartment, she finds support from a sexy stranger, Brady Williams, who completely takes her breath away. When Samantha is unable to keep him in the friend zone, she decides he might be a good distraction from what she’s really there to do. But when everything finally starts to be falling into place for her, will reality be too much for Samantha and Brady to handle together? Will their new reality tear them apart?
Will Samantha and Brady’s choices for the future bring them closer together or tear them apart?
Samantha and Brady fell in love hard and fast when Brady helped Sam navigate the emotional ups and downs of discovering where she came from. Now that she has some of her questions answered, she’s ready to figure out where she fits in and what she wants to do with her life. She continues to learn about her history and adapt to her new life, searching for a place she can call home. She explores new experiences, hoping to find her passion in life beyond her love for Brady. Past insecurities resurface, causing Sam to become determined to prove her inner-strength and independence to everyone around her; although, she may be the only one who doesn’t see it’s already there. She keeps pushing towards her unknown future and questions if her relationship with Brady might be holding either of them back. Will she push him away or fight for them to be together?
Brady always thought running his family restaurant was the last thing he wanted, but with college graduation approaching, it’s time to make a decision. New projects, new ideas and a new outlook help him see things differently, but is his new vision what he really wants? Or is it time for him to move on, leaving Samantha behind?

If you haven’t read The Unforgettable Summer yet, I strongly advise you at least read that first, as there will be big spoilers in this book! This book comes after The Unforgettable One, but the Unforgettable books are all stand alone novels.

Amy used to be the life of the party, now that she graduated college and it’s time for the “rest of her life” to begin, she’s not sure who she is or where she fits in. Her family life has never really been what it seems. She’s always been daddy’s little girl, but now she struggles to live up to both her parents’ expectations. Then again, she has a talent for pretending. Her parents have an idea of not only the kind of job she should have, but also the type of man she should marry, so she dates what they see as the perfect man for her and has fun with the men she wants. There’s one man who has been a constant in her life. He’s always there for her in any way she’s wanted or needed and he’s one of her best friends, Matt Young. They’ve always had the perfect arrangement, so what’s changed? Does Amy deserve her happily ever after? Will she get it?

Matt has never been shy when it comes to women. He’s had several girlfriends, slept around when he wanted and doesn’t have a care in the world. At least that’s how most of his friends see him, even Amy, but he’s always been a big romantic at heart. He began falling for Amy many times over the years, but she always insists they weren’t serious. So, he did what he had to do and faked it. He took the parts of her she was willing to share with him. He would always be there to help her, and he’d keep doing it as long as she’s safe.

Now that their friends are all getting married and even starting families of their own, Matt is ready to start his own future. Will he take his chance with Amy or decide it’s time to move on? Will Amy go against her parents’ wishes? Will she realize she’s had what she needed all along before it’s too late?

***This book contains bad language, sex & adult situations!

 When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve actually wanted to be a writer my whole life, but I wasn’t sure I could make a living out of it doing my kind of writing. After my kids were born, I decided it was the best time to go for it.

When did you write your first book and how old were you?

Well, technically I wrote my first book when I was just a kid. But the first book I wrote, rewrote, edited, and published was when I was 39 in 2014. It’s something I had been determined to do before I turned 40. After I started, I never wanted to stop.

How long does it take to write?

As for how long it takes to write, that answer changes with every idea, every story, every chapter. I have ideas that have flowed and I’ve been able to finish quickly. For example, Dreams Lost and Found and Finding Home were released in the same year. But going back to Unforgettable Nights, not long after I started I lost my dad. It took me a long time to get back into the right mind space to write a book that I was happy with and that I felt readers would be too. My kids are another factor with my writing because every time I’m interrupted, it takes time to get back into the mind of the character.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

When I’m not writing, I love to spend time with my family. We enjoy hanging out by the pool or going to the beach in the summers, or watching a movie, or playing games inside. I love listening to music and dancing when I’m with my kids. I love to spend time reading other books.  I love all kinds of books, especially fiction and of course, romance is my absolute favorite! I’ve been known to skip sleeping if there’s a book I can’t put down.

What was one of the most surprising you learned in creating your book?

A surprising thing I learned about myself while creating the book. I think the biggest thing is that I had the strength and courage to write and publish it. It’s scary to imagine everyone reading something you put your heart and soul into, but I’m finally doing what I have a true passion for and hope I can continue to do it!

What do you think makes a good story?

I think a good story runs on emotions. I want to feel and understand what the character is going through. I love plot twists to an extent, but I don’t believe they’re always needed. There have been some that have ruined books for me and that might be why I feel that way. I have to admit I’m a sucker for a “Happily Ever After.” I’m in love with love stories, but I love to see the reality of life in them too. It keeps them real and relatable. Of course, it never hurts to have a sexy as hell man in them either.

As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

When I was a child, I wanted to be a wide range of things. The three careers on the top of my list included being a writer, an English teacher, and a doctor. Now, I’m a writer with a health education background as well.

What quote inspired you and you live by?

I have two quotes that I have to share that have inspired me. “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” by Helen Keller. I tend to feel fast and hard. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I love romance stories so much. Then, some of my favorite quotes are by Walt Disney, but I think I’ll go with one of his simpler ones. “If you can dream it, you can do it.” I wouldn’t be where I am today without that philosophy or Disney for that matter.

What songs inspire me?

Well, this is one of those questions that has a rotating answer. I love music and I listen to nearly everything. If you’ve read my books, you might have a taste of that variety, especially in Unforgettable Memories. At the end of The Unforgettable One, I printed a playlist of songs throughout the series in order of when they came up in the books. Songs are constantly inspiring me with new ideas for books, while some will make me think of moments in a book because of the feeling you get from them and of course ones from movies and TV shows do that as well. I think music and stories go hand in hand and I don’t think I can pick just one.

What Movie or series character would you say describe you as a person?

A character that describes me as a person…I’m going to say Rapunzel from Tangled. I try to do the right thing. I always try to have a positive outlook on things, although it’s not always easy. Imagine her the first time she comes out of the tower, lol. Just like I always try to see the best in people. I’ve been called naive many times because of it, but I don’t think that’s what it is. I just like the simple things in life the most. My family and friends are really important to me and I would do anything I can to help them and be there for them. I wish I could sing like her, but I can’t. Although, my daughter can, so I’m happy to be able to listen to her.

When I wrote my first book, what inspired the story?

Well, I have stacks of notebooks and files on my computer or phone of a scene, a character, a place, a story idea, a song and so much more. I had recently done a creative writing course to get myself back in the right direction with my writing. When I met my husband we spent time in Maine every summer for a vacation with his family. I loved it there and the location became my setting for my first book (and the rest of the Unforgettable series). I had one of my ideas that I had to put in writing. Then, once I started, I felt like the characters told me their story as I wrote and I couldn’t stop until their story was told.

What inspired your characters in your first book and were they based on people in your life?

My characters in my first book were imagined, but now that I look back, I do see some of myself in Bree. When I write characters, I may use little pieces of someone I know and some that I don’t know, both physical and emotional. The phrase, be careful or you might end up as a character in my book may ring true.

Would you change anything from your first book?

The only thing I would change from my first book is having it go through one more round of editing. I’m still really happy with how the story turned out and I really wouldn’t change a thing.

If there is a message in any of your books, what would you like people to take away from reading your book?

I think the biggest message in my first book is life can be a roller coaster of ups and downs and twists and turns. If you are struggling in any way, don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you struggle with depression or are just having a hard time in the short term, everyone needs help sometimes. You are always worth it!

Why is reading a book better than watching a movie?

I think reading a book is better than watching a movie because of the details. When I’m reading, it’s like I’m immersed in the book. The storytelling and my imagination tell the story the way I want to see it, not the way I’m told to see it. I also think many times when I’m reading the book, I feel more invested like I’m building a relationship with the characters. I feel what they feel through their eyes and sometimes that’s difficult to portray the true depth of it on-screen, although some talented actors have been able to achieve it.

If they make a movie of your book who would you like to play your main character.

This is such a hard question!! Since I created them from images in my mind, I can’t find someone that really fits perfectly. Although, I’ve imagined different actors for several different characters in my books. I think I’ll say India Eisley for Bree. Christian is a little harder. Someone like Logan Shroyer for Christian.

Unforgettable Nights – For Blake – Andrew Rogers (in the trailer) and For Elizabeth Stevens – Danielle Campbell

Unforgettable Dreams – For Jason Emory – Liam Hemsworth and For Sara Miller – Diana Aggron

Unforgettable Memories – For Jax Stevens – Paulie Calafiore (in the trailer) and For Theresa Emory – Brittaney Snow

The Unforgettable One – For Matt Emory – Drew Van Acker and Sadie Rossi – Grace Phipps

Dreams Lost & Found AND Finding Home  – Samantha Voss – Ashley Brinkman and Brady Williams – Trevor Donovan

Unforgettable Mistakes – Check out Amy Stone & Matt Young in the trailer for Unforgettable Mistakes or on Wattpad. Young Amy is Allison Mullaney

Do you like to read ebooks or paperback?

I like to read both ebooks and paperback, but my ebook is on a paperwhite so it still looks like a book. On my e-reader, I do like how I don’t have to worry about light or waiting for the book to be delivered to start. This is especially important when I’m left on a cliffhanger! lol, But certain books I need to have the paperback!

Who is your favorite author?

My favorite author is another hard question. There are so many. One of the authors I always seem to go back to as one of my favorites though is Samantha Young.

Tell the people about your book and what it is about.

My most recent release is my duet. This book is very personal to me because the main character, Samantha is adopted, just like me. She searches to find out who she is and who she wants to be and after a tragedy, searches for her birth parents in hopes of finding out more about herself. Armed with information, she moves to a small town and meets her sexy new neighbor, Brady. This story is fiction, but I used my experiences to write it, making the story very special to me. I tried to finish it in one book but wasn’t able to do it, so this one is a duet! I’m also releasing a book I never really intended to write, for now, exclusively on Wattpad. It’s Amy’s story (Bree’s best friend) from the Unforgettable series and it’s called, “Unforgettable Mistakes”. I will be releasing it chapter by chapter, so follow me there to finally hear her story.

Any unknown author you would recommend.

Unknown authors…well I need to say that I think this list of women are all incredible storytellers! I am going to mention an indie author who just released his first book. It’s a book of great emotions and second chances that I couldn’t put down!! Wesley Parker’s Coffee and Condolences.