Elizabeth Rose

Elizabeth Rose a passionate reader and writer. I am a Wife, Mother, Daughter, and Sister. I am a hopeless romantic and I read books that are full of Sinful Desires.

My husband is the person that keeps me grounded and supports my dreams no matter how crazy they are. He is the one that encourages me to take the next step.

I have two incredible children that are the reason for my existence. They both have completely opposite personalities and keeps me on my toes.

My role model and the strongest person I know is my amazing mother. She is kind and forgiving and has an astounding drive for life. She is the glue that’s keeping our family together.

“Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness, I fight with experiences that you still have to learn.”

I started writing and it felt therapeutic, the world I dreamed of came alive on paper, and seeing my characters grow is magical.

I never thought I would write a book but here I am and I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Reading

Elizabeth Rose

Book 1
One Day – Mclaren Family series

Victoria Mclaren is a twenty-five-year-old qualified Mechanical Engineer, being the daughter of Sir Benjamin Mclaren she became the Director of the Engineering department at a young age.
She is a hopeless romantic and also wants a true love story like her parents. Setting her sight on a profession in a male-dominated world. She decided to put a hold on her love life until she has fulfilled her dreams of working for her father’s company. After achieving all her career dreams, One Day is at her doorstep but meeting Christopher Kingsley changes everything.

One Day is all it takes to change the rest of your life.

“I lay comfortably on this soft bed, Christopher stands there at te end of the bed, topless. My eyes betray me as they travel down taking in the sight, that masculine chest is so defined, the v-line mouth-watering. “Do you want me, princess?” He says seductively

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

I never dreamed of becoming a writer but I always had a vast imagination. I would daydream a lot and always wished they would write a book or make a movie of the things I dream of.

When did you write your first book and how old were you?

When I discovered Wattpad at the age of thirty-five

How long does it take to write?

My first book took me a few months to complete and then I reread it and change a lot of the story so now it’s still a working progress.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

When I don’t write, I read and promote books, but I love spending time with my family and just watching my kids enjoy life without any concerns.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned about yourself in creating your book?

That no matter what, I am still a hopeless romantic and I also want the bad guy to have a happy ending.

What do you think makes a good story?

A realistic story with a dash of fantasy. A story that can make you cry, laugh, have action, and in the end gives you hope. I like it when the author gives a detailed description and I can imagine every detail.

As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

An actress, I had big dreams of making it big and be famous. LOL.

What quote inspired you and what you live by?

Don’t make permanent decisions off temporary emotions.” – Khloe Kardashian. There is a lot of quotes I live by but this one is something I remind myself of constantly and I truly believe in it. I am sometimes very impulsive and because of that I made some wrong decision in the past but now that I am older I think twice before I make important decisions.

What Movie or series character would you say describe you as a person?

Well, I don’t really know what Character I would be but my sisters used to say when I would be too dramatic for them, they would joke is it, “Days of our Loves” or Bold and The Beautiful” today.

What song inspires you?

I was born in the wrong era and I love the seventies and eighties music. When I need inspiration then it depends on the moment. The song that inspires me at the moment would be “Writer In The Dark by Lorde”.

When you wrote your first book. What inspired the story?

Writing is a recently discovered passion but formula one was my first love. That’s what inspired One Day. I wanted a strong female character that works in a male-dominated world. I was born into the motor industry and my whole family and I work in different parts of the industry. They say write about what you know.

What inspired your characters in your first book and were they based on people in your life?

My family layout in my first book is inspired by my big family. The character’s personalities are some of my siblings but everything else is a fabrication of my imagination.

Would you change anything from your first book?

I have already change it from the first draft, but the story as it is now I would not change anything.

If there is a message in any of your books, what would you like people to take away from reading your book?

I don’t know if my story has a message but I would like to inspire women to dream big and not let their gender stand in the way of reaching their dreams.

Why is reading a book better than watching a movie?

I always wish that they make movies of books I read but I have realized that they will never capture the heart of the story as is it is in the book. In a book, you can read and feel the emotions and you read the character’s thoughts. I haven’t watched a movie yet that successfully delivered the perfect translation of the book

.If they make a movie of your book who would you like to play your main character.

I love Henry Cavill and I think he’s the sexiest man alive, I love his British accent, and He’s my character inspiration and I will stick with him forever. Miranda Kerr is my character inspiration but I would love Jenna Coleman as my female lead.

Do you like to read ebooks or paperback?

Paperback, I love feeling the paper as you turn each page.

Who is your favorite author?

Danielle Steel because her book “The Gift” was the first English Romance book I have ever read and that’s when I fell in love with English books.

Tell the people about your book and what it is about.

Book 1One Day – Mclaren Family series is about Victoria Mclaren she is a twenty-five-year-old qualified Mechanical Engineer. She is a hopeless romantic and also wants a true love story like her parents. Setting her sight on a profession in a male-dominated world. She decided to put a hold on her love life until she has fulfilled her dreams of working for her father’s company. After achieving all her career dreams, One Day is at her doorstep

Any unknown author you would recommend.

There are too many unknown Authors that I wish could get published. Follow my profile on Wattpad my reading list are full of amazing Authors that need to be discovered.