Belle Dowson

Hi, I see you have found me!

I’m Belle and welcome to my profile. So you wanna know a few things about me okay then here it goes…

I have been writing on Wattpad for 9 years, I am a writer of heartbreaking love stories, strong women, tough men, and dark themes. Romance is my genre, I love to put couples together, tear them apart and hopefully watch them pull themselves together. I write both Hetrosexual MC’s and LBGTQ MC’s both on and off Wattpad.

My current works are:
The Marcello Mafia Series – all books are complete.
Catch Me At Midnight – A new story about love, loss, and life, it has slow updates for now.
Building Castles – This is a Marcello Series spin-off about Gianna and Matteo.
500 Words – A collection of completed flash fiction for #aimtoengage

I love music and all my chapters, novels, and characters have a song attached to it, that is where I find my inspiration.

I am a coffee lover, who will never say no to chocolate and I am a Ballroom and Latin dancer currently training to get my professional qualification so I can teach professionally.

I am on Twitter and Instagram, so for sneak peeks, updates, and all my news please follow me!

Goodbye for now…

Coming Soon!