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Welcome to the Amazon Authors page. These authors were specially selected by Sinful Desires, click on The Authors name and view all the books written by the specific author.

I am not officially affiliated with Amazon as an ambassador. The books I recommend are for the sole purpose of promoting authors and content I enjoy.

Jessica Loveless

Vaya Thorn

Nikki A Lamers

Trisha Harley McCarthy

Sarah LeeAnn

Michelle Corchis

Moni Boyce

Sutton Fox

Amanda V Shane

Lindsey Powell

Sarah Bailey

Cassidy Reyne

Shanna Swenson

Matilda Martel

Eden Rayna

Erika Phillips

Catrin Russell

JD Park

Gillian Mayne

Nancy Mackenzie

P.E. Sutton

M.L. Broome

Jeanel Gouws