Alleira Elleon

Alleira Elleon

I’m a college student who also works which doesn’t leave me with enough time to do much for myself, so when I get the few moments to do nothing, I enjoy them thoroughly. I enjoy reading a good slow burn that leads to something satisfying. The romantic tension between the two characters will always keep me wanting more. Watching Netflix is a part-time job of mine which has made me lose track of time too many times. Geeking out over movies and series is something I do on a regular basis. A good fight scene in any movie or show will make it a hundred times better for me. 

I’m someone you’d see sitting in a cafeteria by herself with an RBF, minding her own business with her head down because she was too shy to find her voice and make friends, but writing helped me express myself. It gave me a sense of confidence that I’ve slowly been achieving and meeting wonderful people through. So I’m always up for making new friends. No matter what, you’ll always find me listening to music and often lost in my own wild thoughts, imagining the next heartwarming scene or death of a character. Peace finds me when the thunder rumbles outside my window, music play in my ears, and my fingers type away another chapter. Also, rewatching “The Office“ over and over while putting other shows on hold is a very bad habit of mine.

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

The time I realized I wanted to become a writer is when I began having these vivid scenes play in my head while I was reading a book. Ideas began formulating, and it got to the point I couldn’t keep it in my head any longer, so I decided to put it down. There was a crazy story in my head that I wanted to share, so I did.

When did you write your first book and how old were you?

I had just turned 18 when I started writing. It was January or February of 2017. It was actually when I first started getting into reading and I realized how much I enjoyed it, and then my mind began sprouting out its own ideas.

How long does it take to write?

When I first started writing, going three days without finishing a chapter seemed like a lot. Now it takes much longer because my writing has changed over the years, the storylines have gotten a lot more complex, and responsibilities have piled on.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Watch Netflix, hands down. Or play games and read.

What was one of the most surprising you learned in creating your book?

Every step of writing has been a learning experience from research to actually putting it down into words. There are many things that have been surprising in the process of creating my works. Firstly, the number of times I’ve sobbed writing particular scenes, and I usually don’t cry unless my favorite characters are killed off in a movie or TV show. And I also didn’t expect to get attached to my characters, but I suppose it happens because you create them and they’re a part of you. The last thing that has surprised me is the number of twisted ideas that I have for the books and the hell I put the characters through. I’ve surprised myself too much in this process.

What do you think makes a good story?

Everyone has their own ideas of what makes a great story. For me, it’s the ability to pull on the readers’ heartstrings, to get them feeling all those emotions with the characters from happiness to sadness, from love to hate. If the writer doesn’t feel those emotions while writing, the readers will most likely not feel it as well.

As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

As a child, there were many things I wanted to become; a doctor, singer, actress. You can say that I still want to become those, but one can’t have everything. However, reading never appealed to me, let alone writing. As I grew and started getting into reading, I realized there was a whole world I was missing out on, and I’m so glad I got into reading.

What quote inspired you and you live by?

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” —Walt Disney

When you wrote your first book. What inspired the story?

I was reading “Mafia Protection” by Ali Lee. I enjoyed the concept so much, and it began sparking ideas in my head. I enjoy action/romance with a little bit of every day and that’s what I’ve tried to incorporate in my books.

What inspired your characters in your first book and were they based on people in your life?

None of my characters is based on real people. They all just have little pieces of me. The female lead in my first book is a pre-med student on her way to becoming a doctor. When I was writing her, I was a pre-med student who wanted to become a doctor, but things changed. Some characters have my sarcastic, no-nonsense nature, and some have my terrible jokes and carefree nature.

Would you change anything from your first book?

Yes. Everything has been the first draft so far, and there are many things I’d change in the first book in regards to some scenes, in the writing department, and little details. I’ve gotten a few things wrong, and I’ve learned from my little mistakes. My knowledge has expanded since, so I’d like to work that in and make it better.

If there is a message in any of your books, what would you like people to take away from reading your book?

The message I’d like people to possibly take away is that it’s a cruel world we live in and nothing ever comes easy. You’ll have to overcome many bumps along the way, jump over hurdles, and patch up a pothole and walk over it in the path of life and in order to reach the destination you wish to reach. No matter what happens, the world doesn’t stop and neither should you. Go for what you believe in. Seize the opportunities that present themselves before you. I know it can get hard, the dark tunnel can get scary, but the light at the end of it will be worth it. We all have the strength in us to overcome the hardships if we take the risk of trying to create our own beautiful world.

Why is reading a book better than watching a movie?

In books, you’ll get the experience in its raw form and can imagine the scene out in your own manner, whereas in a movie, the small details that tugged at your heart can get lost along with some of the scenes that you loved.

If they make a movie of your book who would you like to play your main character.

Shay Mitchell as my Arie Noelle. She’s the perfect fit and absolutely gorgeous. As for my male lead in the first book, Daniel Di Tomasso would be the choice. However, anyone with the male lead’s description, the big guy with striking blue eyes and power in his stride, would be perfect.

Do you like to read ebooks or paperback?

I’d love to actually have paperbacks and get to hold a book than read it through a screen, but ebooks are convenient and I have my Kindle and Apple Books full of them.

Who is your favorite author?

Unfortunately, the time hasn’t been very kind with allowing me to read many books, but currently, I’d say it’s Cora Reilly. I need to read more, I know.

Tell the people about your book and what it is about.

Well, I have completed three books so far and I’m currently writing the fourth book. They’re all a part of a series that revolves around the mafia, royalty, family, and a simple thing called love. When stirred in a pot, it causes a lot of pain and trouble. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions and twists you wouldn’t see coming. You just have to clear your head and experience the insanity with strong men and equally strong women.

Any unknown author you would recommend.

I’d recommend Cora Reilly and her books that just pull you into this universe that you can’t get enough of. She deserves more recognition. Also, Vaya Vaitsis will make you want to pull your hair out. Then Elizabeth Rose who has been nothing short of an amazing human and she got a story to tell herself.